R.C.I.A. – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

     - for those wanting to become Catholic

 -  for those adults who need the Sacrament of Confirmation

 -  for those who only have an incomplete amount of Catholic education

 -  for those who have been inactive in the faith and need a review

        Starting Thursday, Sept. 10th, 6:30pm, Feckter Hall, on the right side of the Parish Office.

        Call Father Bob at the Parish Office, for more info, or any questions you might have.




Have you or someone close to you (a spouse, a friend, a neighbor) been thinking about becoming a Catholic? Has anyone ever mentioned to you that they wish they had your faith?

Here is an opportunity for you or someone you know to learn more about becoming a Catholic. Our “no obligation” Inquiry Sessions will begin on Thursday, Sept. 10th at 6:30pm in Feckter Hall. Just come once and “inquire” about the Catholic faith and the process (called RCIA  the Rite of Chris/an Initiation of Adults) of becoming a member of the Catholic Church.

This Inquiry could begin a journey of faith that begins in the fall each year and formally climaxes with the Easter Vigil, when the unbaptized get baptized, the baptized Christians make a Profession of Faith as a Catholic, and the Catholics who are not confirmed can receive Confirmation.

The RCIA involves a weekly meeting that includes Teaching about the Catholic faith and spiritual formation and prayer. Anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic Church can call the Parish Office, 314-892-6882, to let us know you might be interested in coming to that first Inquiry session, or to just ask any questions about the RCIA process. Current parish members who are aware of anyone interested becoming Catholic are encouraged to engage in conversa/on those persons who show an interest in the Catholic Church. This may lead them to consider joining the RCIA, or at least come to the first session.