Parish Council

St Bernadette Parish Council Meeting

July 19, 2021  Feckter Hall, 7 PM



Opening Prayer


Comments from Parish Council Chairman – Tom Turner



  • Finance Committee – Greg Meier


  • 50 Plus Club – Claire Andracsek


  • Stewardship Committee – Jan Sorth


  • Liturgical Environment – Jeannie Kohnen


  • Vincent de Paul Society – Wayne Winters


  • Website – Debby Beck


  • Adult Religious Education – Sister Kathy Kull


  • Worship – Sister Kathy Kull


  • Parish School of Religion – Sue Majchrzak


  • Facilities and Maintenance


  • Parish Office – Sister Ruth Emke


Comments from the Pastor – Fr. Bob Reiker


Any Other Business


Next Meeting


Closing Prayer



St. Bernadette Parish Council Meeting
April 19, 2021
7pm Feckter Hall

Present: Fr. Bob Reiker, Tom Turner, Greg Meier, Claire Andracsek, Jan Sorth, Jeannie
Kohnen, Wayne Winters, Sister Kathy Kull, Sue Majchrzak, Sister Ruth Emke

Tom opened the meeting with a Hail Mary

  Greg reported on the financials. He shared two handouts, the July 2020-Feb 2021 report and a graph illustrating the average offertory collection per weekend.o Both revenue and operating expenses were slightly better than the budget.
o Capital expenses included the parking lot and the video system in the church for
live streaming.
o And although we are operating at a loss, it is not as bad as budgeted.
o The income is down between $700 - $750 per week from the pre-covid times.

 Claire spoke about the 50 Plus Club.
o The recently had their first in-person board meeting in Feckter Hall.
o A short newsletter is being prepared for the members.
o It was decided no membership dues will be requested this year since there have been no activities.
o When meetings resume, there will not be outside entertainment at first.
o They are still hoping to have gatherings later in the year.
o The 25th anniversary of the club was in 2020.
o There is a plan to possibly start the meetings earlier since many do not want to drive in the dark.
o It was suggested that once things are up and running again, there be a membership drive for the club. This could include letters being sent to parishioners over 50.

 Jan reported that nothing has been done in the way of stewardship because of Covid. She did mention that the ACA collection this past weekend did net over $7,000 and the amount of $3,000 was collected early so we are already half way to our goal.

 Jeannie mentioned that the Easter flowers turned out beautiful. She was commended for her good work on decorating inside church.

o Fr. Bob mentioned that it would be nice to have some red out for Pentecost and
also to have flowers for Corpus Christi.

o Tom Kohnen took some nice photos of the church decorated for Easter. Perhaps these could be used on the website.

o Deb and John Danner, Terri Richter and JoAnn Castelli are doing some great work getting the outside of the church and rectory cleaned up and planted.

 Wayne reported that the St. Vincent de Paul group helped 31 people in the last quarter.
o There have been two collections in church for SVDP so their bank account is
good right now.
o St. John Paul II parish gave them a donation of $2,000 and St. Joe, Cottleville is
twinning with St. B’s SVDP.
o The group now has 12 members, 3 of them new.
o This Saturday, April 24th, is the Spring Assembly which will be held over Zoom.
Members will gather in Feckter Hall to view it together and also to enjoy coffee
and donuts.

 Sister Kathy spoke of the activities for adult religious education.
o In RCIA this year there were two women, one was baptized and confirmed and the other confirmed. Their classes will go through Pentecost.
o Bible study groups have been faithful in coming on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.
o During Lent there was a dvd series by Bishop Barron on the Sacraments.

 Sue reported on the PSR program.
o There were three First Communicants this year.
o Seven 8th graders will be Confirmed this coming Sunday.
o It looks like next year there will be 18 students.

 Sister Ruth mentioned a few items from the parish office.
o Only one family has a small amount of tuition yet to pay for PSR and one family
has paid nothing at all.
o There was a laptop set up to show the online giving platform now ready for use
for the parish.

 Fr. Bob mentioned a number of items.
o Larry Voss will probably be around for a while yet. He is getting work from a number of parishioners and is also doing the parish maintenance and cleaning of church.

o Covid protocols still require us to wear masks and maintain distance in church.
Also, there is no use of holy water fonts nor sign of peace at Mass.

o Hopefully, in the near future we can look forward to having some parish celebrations: donuts and pastries on a Sunday, a picnic in the park in the Fall, a parish dinner.

o Live streaming is going well and Tom Kohnen, Mike Steinnerd and Larry have worked on it.

o 2022 is the 75th anniversary of the parish so we need to begin work on those
celebrations…mentioned by Greg!

o Fr. Bob will have his third knee revision on the same knee on May 11th. This will
entail him being without a knee while doing antibiotic infusions and then
hopefully in August getting a new knee put in. He is in the process of finding
priests to replace him while he is unable to perform his pastoral duties. Sr. Kathy
mentioned that on the day of his surgery the people of the parish will be asked to
keep him in prayer.

The next meeting was tentatively set for Monday, July 19th, 7pm in Feckter Hall.

Fr. Bob closed the meeting with a prayer.