New Parishioners

Parish Registration at St. Bernadette’s  can be taken care of by calling 314-892-6882 or sending us an email and setting a time to visit with the Pastor or Staff Member.



Beginning at the Mississippi River and Interstate 255;
West on Interstate 255 (north side) to Ringer Road;
North on Ringer Road (east side) to Sappington Barracks Road;
West on Sappington Barracks Road (north side) to Cliff Drive;
North on Cliff Drive (both sides) and Sedan Drive (both sides) to Jeffersonian Drive;
East on Jeffersonian Drive (both sides) to Telegraph Road;
North on Telegraph Road (east side) to Kingston Drive;
North on Kingston Drive (east side) to Broadway;
South on Broadway to the north gate of Jefferson Barracks;
East on Northern Boundary of Jefferson Barracks to Mississippi River.