November 2019

For St. Bernadette Parish, 68 Sherman Rd., Lemay, MO. 63125

Part Time – approx. 20 hours/week (four 5 hour days suggested)

Starting date – January 2, 2020

St. Bernadette Catholic Parish is seeking a Facilities Maintenance Coordinator whose knowledge and experience of overseeing facilities maintenance and property improvement will enhance the functioning of parish activities, including worship, parish meetings, and social events.  This person would report to the pastor and/or office manager each day.

The responsibilities would include identifying and taking care of ordinary maintenance and cleaning needs of the parish buildings (church, school, gym and parish office), routine repairs and preventative maintenance, working with vendors and repair services, and working on special projects as needed.  When in season taking care of the raking of the leaves and picking up small limbs and trash from the grounds, and also snow removal on sidewalks and spreading salt.

The applicant should have some basic ability to perform electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and mechanical repairs.  The applicant must be able to lift 50 lb., climb ladders, and perform physical tasks, such as setting up and breaking down of tables and chairs for various parish events.

In summary, this position ensures the continuing efficient operation, effective use, and attractiveness of parish facilities as a public sign of our commitment to the St. Bernadette parish Family and the Lemay/Jefferson Barracks neighborhood.

For more information, contact Father Bob Reiker, Pastor, 314-892-6882 or [email protected]. Send resume to the Parish Office at 68 Sherman Rd., St. Louis, MO. 63125.