I am now completing the first two full weeks of infusion therapy for my bad knee, which means I have been spending over three hours a day with an antibiotic being infused into a PICC line into my arm, kind of like an IV in the hospital.  The game plan is that antibiotic, over six weeks, will clobber every last little bacteria who has made a home in my knee or leg in recent months.  Only if that is successful will they proceed with a third attempt to install a metal knee replacement.

 Again, thanks for all the prayers and get well cards; they all help.  Also I appreciate the special food and snack drop-offs.  Delicious and tasty!



 On this day the citizens of our nation honor all those who have died in military service to our country.  As Christians, we not only honor the dead, but also continue to pray for them to be sharing eternal life with the Lord.  Many thousands of soldiers and sailors, airmen and guard members, who died in active military service, are  buried right next door to us in the National Jefferson Barracks Military Cemetery.  For them we pray, and we thank them for   being willing to give of their lives to serve our country and free people in so many parts of the world.  May their    ultimate sacrifice never be forgotten.  May they rest in the peace of Christ!

A suggestion for the day, besides a family get  together with beer, brats and baseball, would be to take a quick drive through the cemetery while offering some prayers for our heroic men and women who are being  remembered during this Memorial Day.


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