Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Solemnity of the Most Holy TrinityGod is personal, actually “tri-personal!”
On this annual feast, we recognize that God has revealed to humanity the fullness of his divine nature – three divine persons in one God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This Most Holy Trinity is the heart of our Christian Faith in our almighty and mysterious God. Today’s readings point to a crucial aspect of our “divine-to-human” inter-personal relationship. The Triune God does not desire to stay “up in the clouds” or “on the mountain top” aloof from his created human beings.  Just the opposite, in the first reading the Lord stands close enough to Moses to have a conversation with him. Moses even invited the Lord to always accompany his people on their journey which he proceeded to do.

In today’s gospel, we receive further assurance of God’s presence with us. God the Father loved us so much that he even sent his only Son to become incarnate as one of us – a human and divine person who lived in our world with us 2,000 years ago. And as we celebrated last week on Pentecost, the Father and the Son sent the Holy Spirit to come upon us to fill us with the power and the fire of God’s revelation of salvation for all who believe.

In what ways do you experience each of the three persons of the Holy Trinity? God our Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, bless us and be with us always!

Thank you! Thank you!
My 50th anniversary celebration of my ordination to the priesthood on Saturday, May 20, with the St. Bernadette Parish family was very exciting for me. It was great to see a much larger crowd than usual at the 4 p.m. Mass. And the pizza party following Mass was a lot of fun. Thanks to those who helped plan the liturgy and the party. I really appreciate your efforts.

In addition, I am very grateful to everyone who offered me congratulations and well-wishes in person, to everyone who sent me a card or a note, and to everyone who generously gave me an anniversary gift.  Your kind thoughts which you expressed and the generous gifts you gave were amazing. Also I thank St. Bernadette Parish for taking an ad in the St. Louis Review, May 22 issue, to acknowledge my 50th anniversary to all of the Archdiocese. Thank you all!

The last five years in my career of being a priest here at St. Bernadette’s were a super way to wrap up a long but exciting 50 years. May the Lord bless you as you journey down a new path in the years ahead!

All Things New” Plan
As I write this bulletin column, it is a couple of days before the Archbishop announces his decisions about the future configuration of parishes in the Archdiocese, including Lemay. Whatever is his prayerful and well-thought-out decision concerning St. Bernadette and the other four parishes in Lemay, I believe it will be an extraordinary new opportunity for spiritual growth for you individually and for the Catholic Church in the Lemay community. No doubt there will be some “separation anxiety” and some “growing pains” as you create a new Lemay parish. But you must believe that the Lord Jesus and his Holy Spirit will be with you to guide you and comfort you!