"So do not be afraid.”

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time – “So do not be afraid.”
Jesus was preparing 12 men who were intelligent but fairly uneducated to be “ambassadors” for his new Kingdom of Heaven. No doubt as Jesus explained their job description, the apostles were starting to get cold feet about going out into a hostile world to preach about a man who was to be crucified. They didn’t stand a chance. It was imperative for the Lord to encourage their lagging spirits: “So do not be afraid!” Then I can picture Peter saying to Jesus, “Oh!  Easy for you to say. You are the Son of God!” In a matter of a few months of mysterious and miraculous events, including the Coming of the Holy Spirit upon them, the 12 Apostles were fearlessly proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, for all to hear and believe.

Now in the summer of 2023, we Catholics of the Lemay Parishes are being called by the Lord and his Church to make a new beginning of parish life in Lemay. Can you hear in your prayer Jesus himself encouraging you to not be afraid of re-creating a new parish structure for our Lemay Catholic community? “Fear no one!” Fear not the nay-sayers; don’t be discouraged by those who say it will never work, or I will not be a part of this new St. Mark’s Parish. Jesus would say to us to not be disheartened by pessimists, or those who want to hang on to the old structures for fear of something new. 

Honestly, we all have fears or doubts about this huge change in our parish life. To say otherwise would not be true. BUT we Catholics have Christ in our worship and Eucharist, and we have the Holy Spirit in our Church! We are called to put our Catholic faith into action and recognize the presence of God in this new direction. Again Jesus said in the gospel this week, “Everyone who acknowledges me before others, I will acknowledge before my Heavenly Father.” Jesus is talking to us – believe it! Do not be afraid!

“All Things New” –  The New St. Mark Parish! Including St. Bernadette, St. Matthias, St. Martin, and St. Andrew Parish Families
As was announced last weekend at the Masses, the new pastor of our new St. Mark Parish, Father Bob Burkemper, has decided to celebrate one Mass every weekend at each of the four parishes being “subsumed” into St. Mark Parish. 

Thus, the St. Bernadette Church will host a 4:00pm Saturday evening Mass every week at least until the end of the year. (St. Matthias will have an 8am Sunday Mass; St. Martin a 10am Sunday Mass; and St. Andrew a 12 Noon Sunday Mass.) The main Parish Church of St. Mark will always have a 5pm Saturday Mass, and 7am, 9am, and 11am Sunday Masses at the Union Road site.

This extensive schedule will start on the weekend of August 5-6.

N.B. Also St. Bernadette Church will be available for other sacramental celebrations, such as baptisms, weddings, or funerals for parish members. We will be required to have special Masses for the feast day of the parish patron, St. Bernadette, in February, and the anniversary of the founding of the parish in September. The church building and the grounds will be maintained to make sure that it is ready for liturgy when needed.


SUNDAY, JULY 30 AT 10:30 a.m.

(More details to come.)