Persistent in Prayer? Persistent in Seeking Justice?

29th Sunday In Ordinary Time: Persistent in Prayer? Persistent in Seeking Justice?
In the Gospel today, we have Jesus sharing a fairly well-known parable of the “persistent widow” and the “unjust judge.” Jesus’ listeners would have thought that this was like David vs. Goliath; the widow would have no chance to win her case! 

This parable is an example of someone who will not give up, who continues to ask over and over for what she justly deserves until a judge, who does not much care for doing what is right, finally relents and gives in. Persistent prayer and the persistent seeking of justice, Jesus teaches, works because it shows our deep faith. However, Jesus is NOT teaching us that God the Father is like an uncaring, unjust judge when we pray. His point is that we should learn to be persistent in beseeching the Lord, bearing in mind that God always cares for us deeply, and we should not stop calling upon the Lord when it seems our prayer is not answered promptly. Remember, God sees the big picture and God’s schedule is not our schedule.

Stewardship Awareness Sunday
Today we have our annual reminder that we are a “stewardship” church, that is, we are aware that the Lord has blessed us and we need to show our gratitude to God through our Church by sharing of our time, talent and treasure. Part of our Catholic faith and our Christian discipleship is being good stewards of God’s gifts to us and using the wonderful opportunities we have to practice stewardship in our parish ministries and in our community.

At all the Masses this weekend, we have one of our young couples in the parish to share with us their experience living out Christian Stewardship in their own life. Mr. and Mrs. Zack and Christine Rasure are good examples for all of us at St. Bernadette Parish. Zack has been on our Parish Finance Council for a good number of years, and Christine worked extensively on our Parish Jubilee Committee.

You will be receiving in the mail soon your annual Stewardship Packet. Please take some time to look through it and prayerfully reflect on your response to the calling by Christ for us to share our gifts through our parish. Then take the St. Bernadette Stewardship Commitment Card and fill in your commitment to prayer in the parish and, secondly, your participation in parish ministries and activities.  (If you did not yet pick up your St. B. 2022 Parish Directory with these activities listed, please pick one up at the church entrances.) Thirdly, indicate your generosity commitment to the parish on your Covenant Commitment Card. My prayer is that every member responds by making a commitment in these areas and then sending in the Stewardship Commitment Card to the Parish Office, or dropping it in the collection basket on Sunday.

Quick Recap of our St. Bernadette Annual Financial Report for FY2022
Operating Budget Income - $316,000; Operating Expenses - $339,000 – Operating Deficit - $ 23,000

So we were over budget by about 6%. Oversimplifying, if each parish member could increase their offering by 5% or 6%; then we would be close to a balanced budget. In other words, if you are giving $20/week, make it $21; or if you are giving $40/week, make it $42; Even a small increase would help the parish cover the cost of inflation this year.

But no matter what, your St. Bernadette Parish Family thanks you and all the regular contributors to the Sunday offertory collection for your generosity.  More importantly, the Lord himself thanks you for giving to his Church! God bless you!

Wedding Bands
This is an announcement of a marriage to take place at St. Bernadette Church on Friday, October 21 between Amanda Turner of St. Bernadette Parish, and Justin Nahlik. Pray for them and all couples entering into the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Special Collection Today for the Hurricane Victims in Florida and Puerto Rico
Archbishop Rozanski and all the American bishops are asking American Catholics to contribute to a fund that will assist the people suffering from the two terrible hurricanes, Fiona and Ian. So many people lost their homes, businesses, utilities, and even churches and schools. Your generosity can help the American Catholic Church to assist very many of these victims. There are special envelopes in the pews. If you can write a check, make it out to St. Bernadette Church, notated “Bishops Hurricane Disaster Fund.” You can also return it next week in the collection.

Mission Sunday – Next Weekend