Pentacost Not Just Another Sunday

PENTECOST Not Just Another Sunday!

              Pentecost, when the church was being established, was based on a Jewish festival which took place 50 days after the first full moon of spring. (We now celebrate Pentecost 50 days after Easter.) The apostles and their support group were looking for an anchor to give all members a link to the Good News, how best to spread the Word of God. The Holy Spirit came down to clearly inform the Apostles as to their new mission on earth. Pentecost is a drama6c entrance by God into our hearts, minds and souls. Are we doing something with the Gifts that we have been given by the Holy Spirit? The question to be answered is: Does the fire of the Holy Spirit coming upon us connect us with the instructions that God is revealing to us? Are we paying  attention on to this invitation?

 (Pentecost reflection written by Sr. Kathy & Jim Flick)


            God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. Here’s another of my African experience stories. Really it’s a Pentecost story. For a number of years I taught the Catholic religion in our high school to the older students, who were mostly Muslim. There were no books or syllabus so I planned the course myself. With those almost ready to leave the school I taught a section on Christian marriage. At the same time, I taught this same group of older student’s health science, which included all the body systems, so I linked the section on reproduction with my Christian Marriage preparation and spoke a lot about abortion and what it was, both physically and spiritually. After school one day one of the boys walked with me on my way down the dusty road home. He told me he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. Because of what he heard in class, he decided he had to convince her not to get an abortion but to have the baby. He would try his best to support her. I encouraged him in his decision. Fast forward now eleven years. I traveled down to Lungi, about 40 miles down a rough dirt road, to give a vocation talk at the Catholic Mission there. After Mass my former student came up to me with his wife and four children. He said to me, “I would especially like to introduce to you my eldest daughter.” She was about eleven years old. So...I know that I wasn’t really prepared to teach a marriage course to a group of older teenagers in West Africa. And why I decided to link my health science class and religion class I really don’t know. What I do know is that the Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways through us...even when we don’t seem to be “equipped”.  And I imagine that almost everyone who is reading this has a similar story of how the Spirit has worked in your life. We may not see the tongues of fire or the dove flying overhead but we can see or hear the results and we can all shout…”WOO HOO!!” (I tend to shout that rather than ALLELUIA! But use whichever you like!) (Story...a true story... written by Sr. Ruth)



                I have been discharged from the hospital and now happily residing again in St. Bernadette’s Rectory.  The first operation for my third knee replacement has been successfully completed and there is a temporary knee in place until August, when a more permanent (?) metal knee is installed, after the persistent bacteria has been eliminated. 

                Thankfully I can do short distances of weight-bearing walking with a walker around the house, and use the stair lift to get down to the first floor office and kitchen – two important sites I need to access!  I am not in much pain, but I have to keep my knee elevated as much as possible.  Also I have to wear a leg immobilizer 24/7 that goes from ankle to upper thigh.  I am starting to get my appetite back after the surgery and anesthesia. 

                I really appreciate the huge prayer response from parish members for my complete recovery and return to active ministry in the parish.  Thank you very much, and may God bless all of you for your loving concern.