November 28


               This annual collection by the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference allocates funds to community projects in our own country that work to eliminate the local causes of poverty.   CCHD promotes the vision of systemic change rather than just giving temporary aid to the poor, and CCHD adheres to the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church.  CCHD also helps American Catholics to know more about the root causes in our economy and our communities that perpetuate poor economic conditions for too many Americans

               Please visit to view funding criteria and see a detailed list of their most recent grants to community organizations and their annual report.  Pray for those who benefit from this campaign, and connect with the work of CCHD by supporting generously this collection by using the extra envelope in your monthly packet.  (Or if you are using on-line giving, you can access the special list of second collections to make your donation.)



* the parish Stewardship Committee and their “event helpers” for planning and executing the first St. Bernadette Parish Appreciation Dinner on Saturday.  About 75 parish members had a great meal and a great time as the Parish showed its gratitude to all the members who serve the parish in so many diverse ministries and activites.

 * the parish Landscaping Committee who planned and planted new shrubbery and blooming plants on the front (north) side of the Rectory/Parish Office, and for one parish couple who donated the cost of this effort to make our facilities look more attractive.



               You have worked hard to save for your retirement and now you can maximize you savings with an IRA Charitable Rollover gift.  At the 70 ½ or older, you can use you Individual Retirement Account to sustain your Catholic parish, or any other charitable organization.  Reduce your taxable income, even if you not itemize deductions.  Gifts to support the work of your parish, St. Bernadette Church, are tax exempt; and you pay no tax on the transfer of funds.   The money you give goes straight to the parish.  Talk to a financial adviser or tax consultant for details on how to do your IRA mandatory withdrawal without increasing your taxable income.



               The Catholic Church is growing in Asia and Africa according to recently released statistics from 2019.  The world population of Catholics grew by 15.4 million people to a total of 1.3 billion world-wide and 18% of the global population.  In Africa, the Church grew by 8 million, and now Catholics make up 19% of the continents population.  In Asia, which has 4.5 billion people, Catholics make up 3% of the population at 149 million with nearly half of that population in the Philippines.  It is great to see the Catholic Faith continue to flourish in these parts of the world that we often think of as “mission territory”.  We need to pray for evangelizations efforts in our own country so that Catholics may not only remain in the Church here but also reach out for new members.  We also need to pray and work for more vocations to the priesthood in the U.S. to keep the Church strong in our midst.  Because of the shortage of American priests, former mission countries in Africa and Asia, like Nigeria and India, are sending their surplus priests to work in American parishes.  What a change in roles !