More Parables!

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – More Parables!
Jesus our teacher lays out three more parables in the gospel for us to digest this Sunday. Last week, we had some seed on unproductive ground and some on fertile good soil. The first of this week’s parables introduces a new problem for the grain crop – weeds intentionally planted in a good field. Any of us who do gardening know how persistent and insidious weeds are in our little gardens. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to keep them from taking over. 

When asked about who would deliberately plant weeds in the Lord’s garden (the Church), Jesus offers an ominous reply, “An enemy has done this. Let them grow until the harvest,” is his strategy to deal with them. Thus, Jesus is teaching us two things. First, that we need to accept the reality that we are living in a society in which there is evil lurking everywhere which makes it difficult for the good to thrive. There are sinners all around and sin is rampant – the sins of racism, sexism, violence, greed, hedonism, secularism, and a host of other evils. 

Secondly, that each of us are a mixture of good productive seed and evil destructive weeds of selfishness, pride, hatefulness, lust, and quite a few other sinful tendencies. What’s a person to do?  Jesus teaches us to trust that if we are open to God’s grace in his Church we will have a successful harvest at the end of our time. In the meantime, we must recognize that we are a perplexing combination of saint and sinner. Then we are called to believe that the grace and power that comes from Christ is stronger than any evil trying to keep us from producing a good harvest during our lifetime. Therefore, we can really end up as part of the Lord’s abundant harvest, counted among the Lord’s saints in eternal life. 

Final St. Bernadette Parish Mass - Sunday, July 30 at 10:30 a.m. – special liturgy!
After many, many Sunday celebrations of the Holy Eucharist, we are now coming to the last one for the Parish of St. Bernadette. Let’s have the whole Parish Family come together at one time for this bittersweet Mass. Come and be with so many friends and neighbors who have worshipped with you in this lovely church and even more beautiful individuals who have been together here for so many years.

St. Bernadette Parish is combining with St. Mark Parish, but your St. Bernadette Church building will still be open for 4pm Masses every Saturday, and for any funerals or other sacramental celebration that might be requested.

There will still be a 4pm Mass Saturday, and 8am Sunday Mass, next weekend.

Our Last St. Bernadette Parish Party
Next Sunday, after the 10:30am Mass, please join us for a parish barbecue outside of the gym by the concession stand picnic tables, or inside if the weather is to warm or rainy. The barbecue is being prepared by Chris’ Pancakes and will be free for parish members. There will be bratwursts and hamburgers, plus side dishes. But you MUST RSVP by Monday, July 24, by calling the Parish Office so that we know how much food to order.

Prayer of Gratitude to God for St. Bernadette Parish
Loving God, we rejoice in having chosen us to be members of the St. Bernadette Parish Family for the past many years. We are grateful for being able to be disciples of your Son, Jesus, witnesses to your Gospel message, and members of the Catholic Church. We are relying on you to guide us on our journey.  Send us your Holy Spirit, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, to remember the joys of the past years and light the way for us in the years to come. We make our prayer through your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.