Feast of the Ascension

FEAST OF THE ASCENSION – “Stop gawking!”

                As the Apostles watch Jesus ascend into heaven, two mysterious-looking characters wondered out loud to them, “Why are you gawking up at the sky?”  Calmly they tell the Apostles that Jesus is gone and will no longer be walking around and eating with them.  Ah!  But he will be with them in a new way:  he will be with them through the Holy Spirit as they travel around preaching about the Kingdom of God that Jesus started with his Death and Resurrection.  Even more exciting is the mystery of how will be eating with them as they partake of the Eucharistic meal of Jesus’ Body and Blood in Holy Communion. 

                Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord, is still with us today in 2021 – walking with us and eating with us.  The Ascension into heaven did not end Jesus presence with his followers; it only transformed it into a spiritual sacramental presence.  So for all of us, let us not be gawking up into the heavens to look for Jesus.  He is here still with us in our daily life and in our Sunday worship!  Praise God!



                As I am writing this, it is the afternoon before my Tuesday knee surgery to begin the three month long process of replacing my left knee for the third time.  So as you read this, I should be back at St. Bernadette rectory, working on getting around the place in a wheel chair.  After taking the previous knee replacement, the orthopedic surgeon should have inserted a “spacer” in the knee area.  It will be saturated with anti-biotics to try to eliminate the destructive bacteria that started plaguing my knee again.  Also I will have received a pic-line in my upper arm that will enable me to directly infuse by slow drip anti-biotics into a main artery twice a day. 

                Hopefully after three months of successfully clearing out bacteria, a new knee replacement will be installed in August, and thus by September maybe be able to be back at the altar for Mass here at St. Bernadette’s.  I will miss you just as you were all coming back again after Covid.  Continue to pray for me to recover well and be able to walk again easily so that I can serve this fine parish again.

                In meantime, I will be catching up on a lot of reading and watching sports and movies on TV.  Let’s hope the Cardinals stay hot all summer and that the Blues can make another run to the Stanley Cup.  That will make the summer go quicker.



                Parish life at St. Bernadette’s will continue with the very capable ministry of Sister Ruth, Sister Kathy, Deacon Mike, Deacon Phil, and so many others parish members who will keep things going smoothly.  For weekend Masses we will be served primarily by three priests:  Father Gan and Father Victor, both retired Redemptorists from Liguori, and Father Rich Heman, a retired diocesan priest, who will also be doing our one weekday Mass, Wednesday at 8am.