Today we celebrate the victory of Christ over his opponents – sin and death, the evil one and evildoers!  Through the last three days of the Sacred Triduum, we prayerfully and liturgically remembered the Lord’s Supper, the Lord’s Passion and Death, and Lord’s Resurrection.  Christ was present with us in the liturgy in a mysterious way that made the Paschal Mystery of Jesus’ dying and rising present with us again in truly real way that transcends human understanding.    

                And now we embark upon a seven-week celebration of Easter that will culminate with the Feast of Pentecost.  During this time we reflect on how the followers of Jesus came to receive and understand the Resurrection of the dead.  It was almost too much for the Apostles, and maybe for us too.  They seemed to be disoriented in their terror, their wonder, and their joy.  Resurrection is more than just a new phase of old life.  The Risen Jesus invites his followers and each of us into a new tables-are-turned world, where life defeats death, love overcomes evil, divine grace overwhelms human sin, weakness means power, last comes first, and the promise of eternal life carries us through worry and anxiety.

                Let us celebrate this incredible feast of Easter with thanksgiving and joy for the next seven Sundays, and actually every Sunday of the year.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!!



                The Parish Family of St. Bernadette Parish greets our Easter guests with a warm welcome and blessing from the Risen Christ.  We are glad you are joining us to celebrate the Eucharist.  For those who have been away from in-person presence in church because of Covid restrictions, welcome back home.  Hopefully, with the cooperation of all citizens receiving the vaccine, we will be back to normal attendance at Sunday very soon.           

                Just some reminders about Covid protocols still in place.  The Archdiocese of St. Louis is still requiring everyone attending Mass to wear a mask during the whole of Mass except in receiving Holy Communion.  Having holy water in the fonts to bless ourselves on entering church is still not recommended.  No regular passing the baskets during the offertory; just drop your Sunday offering in the basket by the church entrances.  During the Sign of Peace, just verbally offer the Peace of Christ – no physical contact.  If you would like, take home and bring back each Sunday a Sunday missalette for you to follow the scripture readings and prayers.  None will be available in the pews.   Also pick up the small song sheet on your way into church; no hymnals will be available.  Certainly all these sensible precautions will be dispensed with in a few more months.  Alleluia!



+  The extra envelope in your monthly packet for Easter Sunday is for the Retired Priests of the Archdiocese.  This annual appeal in every parish helps to fund the expense of providing health care and retirement benefits for the many retired St. Louis priests.  This group includes  our own beloved former pastor, Father Gary Faust. (Some day in the not far distant future I will be included in that number.)  Be as generous as you can towards those who have served in our parishes for so many years. 

+  If you have not returned your Lenten “Rice Bowl” yet, it is still not too late.  Just place it in the large basket that is on the right side of the sanctuary.  This offering is used to support Catholic Relief Services in their efforts to provide emergency aid and supplies for those in difficult situations in our country and other places around the world.


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