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More Parables!

Posted by Christine Rasure on 7/19/23

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – More Parables!Jesus our teacher lays out three more parables in the gospel for us to digest this Sunday. Last week, we had some seed on unproductive ground and some on fertile good soil. The first of this week’s parables introduces a new problem ... Read More »

Seeds? Abundant harvest?

Posted by Christine Rasure on 7/14/23

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Seeds? Abundant harvest?In agrarian society like Galilee in the first century, Jesus’ listeners easily understood the importance of good seeds, but equally critical for a good harvest was the ground properly cultivated, so that there would be an abundant harvest. If Jesus was talking ... Read More »

Plowing through life!

Posted by Christine Rasure on 7/07/23

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: “Plowing through life!”  Jesus in the Gospel today brings up an agricultural image that his crowd would understand – a “yoke.” A yoke is not what you find in an egg! It is a wooden collar or frame that an ox or a team ... Read More »

Christian hospitality?

Posted by Christine Rasure on 7/02/23

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Christian hospitality?The first reading and the Gospel this Sunday have a common theme of hospitality. This Christian hospitality goes beyond what we usually mean by the word – a friendly greeting, a beverage and some food for a visitor. It is not about ... Read More »