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3rd Sunday of Easter

Posted by Christine Rasure on 4/28/22

“Catch anything yet?”

Someday our Lord Jesus, I think, will ask each of us the same question he asked Peter in our Gospel today. Being rather tepid about starting to evangelize the world as Jesus had earlier instructed them, Peter and his buddies went fishing with no luck at ... Read More »

Second Sunday of Easter

Posted by Christine Rasure on 4/22/22

Surprise! I'm back!

What else did Jesus say to the Apostles and his friends as they were hiding out from the authorities in fear of being arrested? The Gospel today quotes the risen Lord as simply offering this greeting: “Peace be with you.”  But I really imagine our Lord ... Read More »

Easter Sunday

Posted by Christine Rasure on 4/14/22

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of Our Lord – ALLELUIA! “He had to rise from the dead.”

We are here today in church for our Easter Mass because we believe that Jesus, on the third day after his death and burial, did really rise from his tomb in Jerusalem nearly ... Read More »

Holy Week: Ready to celebrate the Sacred Triduum?

Posted by Christine Rasure on 4/07/22

For this week to be truly “holy” for us, the Church calls upon everyone to observe and celebrate the Sacred Triduum, the holy three days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday with its Easter Vigil. As has been said often, these are the holiest three days of ... Read More »