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Knee Report 21

Posted by Debbra Beck on 10/08/21


               Last week we heard at Mass an excellent Stewardship Witness talk by a parish member, Mr. Wayne Winters, as he gave his personal testimony about his own commitment to the principle of Stewardship in parish life.  From his own parents and family he learned about ... Read More »

Knee Report 20

Posted by Debbra Beck on 10/01/21

Fr. Bob’s Column

STEWARDSHIP AWARENESS SUNDAY TODAY! This weekend the Archdiocese of St. Louis will be celebrating its 21st “Stewardship Awareness Sunday”. Our St. Bernadette Parish will be renewing our Stewardship Commitment to the Lord and our Parish. We need to look back in gratitude and thank God for ... Read More »

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Debbra Beck on 9/24/21


As I write this early in the week, I am waiting to see my orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday. So forNow I do not know anything new about my knee. The incision is making progress in healing and sealingfully. Consequently I am hopeful that the doctor lets ... Read More »

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Debbra Beck on 9/20/21


This knee problem has gone on long enough. I am officially *red of being on “sick leave”. I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this week and he will, I hope and pray, declare that my incision from the surgery is solidly healed and that ... Read More »

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Debbra Beck on 9/14/21

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


               My knee replacement incision is slowly healing with little seepage, and the knee feels good.   But the surgeon wants me to wait a couple of more weeks before any serious walking and physical therapy.  Keep up the prayers!

NEWS FROM ... Read More »

Bulletin August 29

Posted by Debbra Beck on 9/03/21


               My new knee replacement is in place and in good shape, but like last time the incision is not healing quickly.  There has been fluid leaking out again, contrary to the surgeon’s expectations.   So I am really confined to my upstairs quarters in the rectory ... Read More »

Knee Report 15 August 22

Posted by Debbra Beck on 8/27/21



               Usually this involves a missionary coming to visit us and preaching about the needs of their particular missionary efforts.  But this year, our assigned missionary, a bishop from Bangladesh (a neighboring country to India) was not able because ... Read More »

Knee Report 14

Posted by Debbra Beck on 8/27/21


               Finally I am only a couple of days away from my knee replacement surgery, scheduled for Tuesday of this week.  The infection has stayed away after all the antibiotic treatment.  So after a short time in the hospital, I will return to the parish rectory ... Read More »

Knee Report 13

Posted by Debbra Beck on 8/19/21


               Just waiting now, as I write this, for the results from the lab test of the fluid in my knee to see if there is any trace of bacterial infection.  If the orthopedic surgeon informs me that the fluid is “clean”, then we can go ... Read More »

August 1, 2021

Posted by Debbra Beck on 8/10/21


               Just got back from my orthopedic surgeon, and there’s a little bit of concern on his part about the incision from May which just started leaking some serous fluid again.  This is significant because he will not go ahead with the knee replacement surgery until ... Read More »