75 Years of Worshipping Together

Congratulations To All Of Us In the St. Bernadette Parish Family – 75 Years of Worshipping Together – 1947-2022
Father John Feckter, the founding pastor of St. Bernadette Parish, must have been a real go-getter. On September 4, 1947, he was appointed pastor of this new parish to serve the area around Jefferson Barracks. Ten days later, September 14, 1947, Father Feckter celebrated the first parish Mass. And only two days later, September 16, 1947, the School Sisters of Notre Dame opened St. Bernadette Grade School for the first day of class for four classes. This is all rather amazing – how quick they got the parish up and running. God bless Father Feckter. We are thankful for his 15 years of service as Pastor of our parish!

Many priests and sisters have served St. Bernadette Parish during these 75 years, and thousands of women and men and children over the years called St. Bernadette’s their spiritual home. All of these great Catholic individuals contributed to the success of St. Bernadette Parish. Today on this Jubilee Celebration, we are mindful of the Lord’s presence in all the ministries and activities, all the Masses and classes, that this fine parish provided for the parish family of St. Bernadette.

Welcome To Our Spiritual Shepherd, Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski!
Our St. Bernadette Parish family is delighted to have the Archbishop of St. Louis to celebrate our 75th Jubilee Mass at 4 p.m. Saturday, September 24, and as a guest at our Jubilee banquet at Royale Orleans Banquet Center. We are also grateful to our many guests who are joining with us in our Jubilee celebration.

This weekend brings to a climax our eight-month-long celebration honoring 75 years of parish life. We are thankful to our Parish Jubilee Committee of 16 parish members who did so much planning and work to make our Jubilee fun and memorable. 

Hopefully at this point, we have fulfilled the theme of our banner in church:
“In the year of Jubilee:  Re-Fresh, Re-New, Re-Build. In the year of Jubilee, Rest!”     

The Jubilee Parish Mission Was a Great Success!
We are grateful to a wonderful mission preacher, Father Tom Donaldson, CSSR, for sharing with our parish some great insights into the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the salvation and grace God offers to each of us. Many members really enjoyed his stories and his wise teachings to refresh and renew our Christian faith life.

Good News About the Annual Catholic Appeal!
Not only did the Archdiocese surpass its goal of $15 million by $1.8 million, but our St. Bernadette Parish finally hit its “celebration goal” of $23,157 and went over by $200. Thanks to all of our parish members, 120 of you, who made generous gifts and pledges to support the pastoral work of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. God bless you abundantly!