Just came back from seeing the orthopedic surgeon and he was not happy that my knee incision still had one little pinhole that was still leaking a small amount of serous fluid, although the rest of the incision is healing fine.  So I have to start again wearing the immobilizer to keep my knee from bending; this means I will still be walking stiff-legged for a couple more weeks.  But at least he said I can walk around and stand some.  That’s helpful!



               We had a good number renew their commitment to good Stewardship in their parish life by their gift of their time, talent, and treasure.  It was impressive to see how many ministries and activities many of our St. Bernadette Parish Family participate in and thus contribute to the life of the parish and the good of the Church in our community. 

               One really good indication of commitment to the parish was that about one third said that they would increase their Sunday Offertory gift through the year.  About one half would keep their gift the same and a few said they had to decrease their contribution.  Thanks to all who are generous enough to keep our parish going well financially. 



               In your monthly packets for the first Sunday of November you will find the envelope for the annual collection for retired religious women and men who have committed so much of their lives to serving God’s People, the Church, and now are retired.  Their religious orders find it hard to fully fund their retirement expenses, so Catholics are asked to be generous in helping them take care of the many elderly sisters and brothers in their mother houses.  One good example of need in our area is the order of the School Sisters of Notre Dame who have many sisters to take care at their mother house at the end of Ripa Avenue.  The Notre Dame Sisters for about 50 years staffed our St. Bernadette Catholic School; we owe a debt of gratitude for their dedication to teaching and forming in the Catholic Faith so many of our children.  The two Redemptorist priests from Liguori down in Jeffferson County who have been helping us out here at St. Bernadette while I am limited, namely Father Vic and Father Gan, are another example of retired religious.  If you forgot to use your envelope please drop it in the collection next week.


                Every St. Bernadette Parish Member who contributes by good Stewardship of their time, talent, and treasure to the parish is invited to this free dinner “on the parish”.  We will have a pasta dinner, salad, dessert, and beverages served in our gym right after the 4pm Mass next Saturday evening.  The only thing we ask is that you RSVP to the Parish by Wednesday this week so we know how much food to tell the caterer to bring.

                Your St. Bernadette Parish Family would like to thank you for how much you give of yourself to make our parish alive in the Spirit of God!

PARISH 75TH JUBILEE COMMITTEE MEETING – Monday, 7pm, Nov. 8th, Feckter Hall

               We will have our first official meeting to work on the plans for the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of St. Bernadette Parish – 1947-2022.  We have eight people who signed up for this committee on their Stewardship card, and we could use more help.  Come and help get ready to celebrate our parish’s Jubilee Year.


               Please notice the parish Book of Life enthroned on the left side of the sanctuary next to the Baptismal Font and Christ Candle.  Annually we write the names of those from our Parish Family who have died, and you are invited to come up and enter the names of your deceased loved ones.