25th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Serve God Or Stuff?
In our gospel today, Jesus just about shouts to those listening, “You cannot serve both God and mammon!” Usually we define “mammon” as wealth or riches of some kind, which makes sense in Jesus’ time and clearly in our own society. However, “mammon” also means anything we might rely on, including power and political influence, or status and reputation. When our Lord tells us we cannot serve God and mammon, he is basically insisting that we cannot serve both our spiritual Lord and anything that might prevent us from fully serving God.

In other words, sometimes I wonder if we find ourselves too busy to pray each day. Too tired from overachieving at work to be with family. Too focused on browsing the internet or shopping to take time to help other people in need. The list of things covered under “mammon” could go on and on. Who are you serving?

Who Needs A “Parish Mission”?  (answer: all of us!)
Starting Sunday, September 18, you will have an outstanding opportunity to “RETURN – RENEW – REJOICE” in your faith life as a follower of Jesus Christ. Father Tom Donaldson, CSsR, a very talented and experienced preacher of parish missions for many years, will be our guest at St. Bernadette Parish offering his insights into Christian life and our Catholic faith for the three evenings of our 75th Jubilee Parish Mission. Father Tom will invite you and me to a deeper relationship with the Lord. Spending one hour here in church for three evenings can do wonders for our spiritual well-being and our overall view of life in these difficult times. The level of stress and anxiety in our inner being these days can take a toll on our emotional health. Come this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. for one hour, and follow it up by coming Monday and Tuesday also. Each evening will have some time for fellowship in Feckter Hall. Give yourself a powerful spiritual “booster shot” to ward off any spiritual infection or malaise! (Father Tom also was the leader of our Parish Mission for the 50 anniversary of the parish in 1997!)

Grand Finale” Of Our 75TH Parish Jubilee Celebration
JUBILEE MASS WITH ARCHBISHOP ROZANSKI – Saturday, September 24 at 4 p.m.
Let’s fill the church with everyone in the St. Bernadette Parish Family coming to church together to celebrate with one another and our 75 years of history as a beautiful faith community who loves to celebrate the Holy Eucharist!

JUBILEE BANQUET – Saturday, September 24 at 5:30 p.m.a at Royale Orleans Banquet Center
For all those who made reservations and paid, we will be gathering for a great time of fellowship and fine dining.