25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


As I write this early in the week, I am waiting to see my orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday. So forNow I do not know anything new about my knee. The incision is making progress in healing and sealingfully. Consequently I am hopeful that the doctor lets me start walking more and not have to use thisimmobilizer brace. Then maybe I can get over to church and see some of you. Thanks again for all theprayers. Keep them coming!


This weekend the St. Bernadette Parish Family will hear the report about our St. BernadetteParish finances for this past fiscal year and the budget of the present 2021-2022 fiscal year. Overall, theresults from this recent year were not too bad at all – considering we were in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic all year. We actually came in better by $4757 than we had budgeted for. The actual deficit for the year was $22,000, which meant that our savings went down to $395,000.

As your pastor I am very grateful to all the regular and generous contributors to the SundayOffertory collection, either in person, by mail, or electronically. Your conscientious financial stewardshipkeeps our parish functioning in a stable manner. We should all thank our St. Bernadette Finance Councilfor helping me and Sister Ruth manage the finances of the parish. Special thanks to Greg Meier, thechairperson, who does so much work in generating our financial reports and giving the annual report tothe congregation this weekend. (The printed report will be in your Stewardship packet coming in themail.) Everyone, keep up the good work! The Lord will bless you!


STEWARDSHIP – A GRATEFUL AND GENEROUS WAY OF LIFE!Stop and think: what if you only woke today with the things you thanked God for yesterday??? Perhaps too many of us would be in for a surprise, unfortunately. Christian Stewardship has been apillar of our Judaeo-Christian faith for four thousand years – from the time of Abraham and the Jewish patriarchs, from the teachings of Christ and the early Church, all the way into our own time. It is just expected for all of us to give thanks to God for all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us.

The Jewish people gave in sacrifice to God the first new lamb or calf, or the first bushel from the harvest, or first jug of olive oil – each of these was a valuable portion of what they needed to live on, butthey gave the first part to God (not the last part or a leftover), and they called this tithing. Eventuallythe Catholic Church adopted the term, tithing, for the financial gifts that Catholics make to the Church.

Usually it meant giving the first 10% or 5% of one’s income to support the parish, diocese, and all othercharitable efforts.


You will be receiving in the mail your annual Stewardship packet. Please take time to read andreflect on each item in the mailing. Then fill out your Stewardship Commitment form in order to indicate your willingness to give of your precious Time and considerable Talent and hard-earned Treasure to St. Bernadette Parish as form of gratitude to God for all he has given you! (Please return the Stewardship form in next week’s collection or by mail to the Parish Office.)


ARCHDIOCESAN CATHOLIC APPEAL – FINAL REPORT! Did you see in last week’s issue of the St. Louis Review that St. Bernadette Parish and over halfof the other parishes exceeded their ACA goal of pledges, and even the Challenge Goal: Published goal - $20,048; Challenge goal - $22,050; and our actual parish total gifts and pledges - $23,157. We also were among the parishes that had the best increased percentage of contributors. Therefore, Congratulations are in order for the many contributors to the ACA in our St. Bernadette Parish Family, and to our new co-chairs of our ACA: Tom & Diana Butler and Mike & Margie Gacioch. Thanks so very much!.

ANNUAL PARISH STEWARDSHIP COMMITMENT Next weekend, our parish Finance Council will present to all at the weekend Masses our annual St. Bernadette Financial Report for the recent fiscal year and the budget for the coming fiscal year. The week after that every member of the parish will receive their annual Stewardship Commitment form to prayerfully fill out and return to the parish. This will be the time to reflect on your commitment to Christ and his Church through the sharing of your time, talent, and treasure with your parish here of St. Bernadette.


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