24th Sunday in Ordinary Time


This knee problem has gone on long enough. I am officially *red of being on “sick leave”. I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this week and he will, I hope and pray, declare that my incision from the surgery is solidly healed and that I can start walking without my “immobilizer” and begin some significant physical therapy. That would mean that I can start thinking about getting over to church and celebrating the Holy Eucharist with you, my St. Bernadette Parish Family. I want to continue to say how grateful I am in my heart for the prayers and thoughtfulness of so many of you for me these last long months. God bless you abundantly!

MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENT Nicole Tertocha, of St. Bernadette Parish, and Brendan Selsor, of St. Joseph Parish in Imperial, MO, will be receiving the Sacrament of Marriage on Sept. 25, 2021, at St. Joseph Parish in Imperial, MO. Nicole has been a member of our parish for a couple years and was a member of our 2020 R.C.I.A. program. We pray for this young couple to have a happy and blessed marriage for many years to come!

ANNUAL PARISH STEWARDSHIP COMMITMENT Next weekend, our parish Finance Council will present to all at the weekend Masses our annual St. Bernadette Financial Report for the recent fiscal year and the budget for the coming fiscal year. The week after that every member of the parish will receive their annual Stewardship Commitment form to prayerfully fill out and return to the parish. This will be the time to reflect on your commitment to Christ and his Church through the sharing of your time, talent, and treasure with your parish here of St. Bernadette.

 75th Jubilee of St. Bernadette Parish

P.S. A new item on the list of parish activities you can help with will be the “Parish Jubilee” committee. The year 2022 will be the 75th Anniversary of the establishment of St. Bernadette Parish at Jefferson Barracks in 1947.


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