23rd Sunday In Ordinary Time

Cost of Discipleship Hit By Inflation?
To be a true disciple of Jesus seems to get more costly every time we hear the Gospel. Today in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus just raised the price for being a follower of his. No more “cheap grace,” as some spiritual writers warn us. It’s going to cost us a lot more than we thought! 

The crowds following Jesus were no doubt as astonished as we are hearing the Lord teach us today that we must hate our family, carry our cross, and renounce our possessions. Sounds impossibly difficult to be a disciple of this teacher from Galilee. Too costly for us? Perhaps! But consider the Mediterranean mindset of using hyperbole or exaggeration to make a strong point. 

Let’s say that Jesus is teaching us that we have to “prefer” him to our own family – not “hate” them. In other words, Jesus comes first in our lives, even before our beloved family. Secondly, “carry our own cross and come after me” can indicate that we should get in line behind Jesus on the road to Calvary – he is our leader. Following his teachings in life can be a daunting trek with a good deal of exertion and pain to get to the top and often mixed with ridicule and conflict. Third point, “renounce all of our possessions” – now has Jesus priced us right out of the market for what he is selling? I think the Lord is exhorting us to “renounce” our allegiance to material things. That is, we do not let accumulating possessions and money become the lord and master of our life, which so easily can happen.

So the cost of discipleship is increasing, but so is the value of what we are gaining by following Jesus Christ more faithfully! Eternal life is priceless!

Hot Off the Press! Our New St. Bernadette Parish Phone Directory!
On your way out of church, you can pick up your copy of our 2022 Phone Directory at the exit tables.  Please, only one copy per registered family. Within its covers, you will find a lot of information about our parish, plus the list of all our fine St. Bernadette Parish Family members. It is an especially wonderful group to belong to, so if you would like to officially join the Parish, contact me, Father Bob, or the Parish Office, and we can add your name to this “all-star” list. 

P.S. Thank you Sister Ruth for working hard to prepare the content of this parish booklet, and to Liturgical Publications who prints this for us for no cost. They cover the cost of this booklet and the weekly bulletins from the income from the ads on the back of the bulletin. Please patronize our advertisers!

Labor Day Mass – 8 a.m. Monday
Monday is an end-of-summer holiday, but it is also important to reflect on the blessing of labor, work and creative projects. Our work and effort contribute to the good of our family and our society. Come to the Eucharist on Monday at 8 a.m. to thank God for the ability to work, and the opportunity to provide for ourselves and our family.

75th Jubilee Reminders
Parish Mission starts in two weeks. Plan your schedule so that you can spend an hour in church for three evenings in a row being spiritually renewed by our guest mission preacher, Father Tom Donaldson, CSSR.  Three hours total – we spend that much time watching a Cardinals game or a good movie. Why not come to church for one hour Sunday through Tuesday, Sept. 18 – 20, 6:30-7:30pm. I am quite confident you will not be sorry. Mark your calendar!

75th Jubilee Mass and Banquet with Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski on Saturday, Sept. 24, 4 p.m. Mass and 5:30 p.m. banquet. Please return your invitation RSVP card as soon as possible. If you are not a member of the parish and would like to come, please contact the Parish Office.