23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


               My knee replacement incision is slowly healing with little seepage, and the knee feels good.   But the surgeon wants me to wait a couple of more weeks before any serious walking and physical therapy.  Keep up the prayers!


         Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski has been with us in  St. Louis for a year now and here is a portion of what he wrote to all of the Archdiocese in the St. Louis Review about future plans for parishes, schools, and Catholic agencies:

               “Having gotten to know the people of the Archdiocese of St. Louis over the past year, I’m now beginning to think about some structural elements of our mission.  We build on a wonderful foundation!  But  we can’t be content with what we’ve done.  We need to ask:  What’s the next right step?  Part of the next right step involves paying attention to structures.

To take two simple examples:  1)  We’re set to cross a historic benchmark in the next few years.  The number of active diocesan priests in parish work will match, and then dip below, the number of parishes we have.  2)  Our two largest parishes in St. Charles County serve the same   number of Catholics as 23 of our parishes in the city.  The number of priests and the distribution of parishes are structural elements of our mission that are on my mind.

   Have I reached any conclusions about that?  I need to say this as clearly as possible:  No! 

 But are there structural questions we need to ask ourselves?  We need to say together, with just as much clarity:  Yes!             

That’s why we’re in the initial stages of preparation to  conduct a comprehensive pastoral plan that will shape our mission.  Neither I nor anyone else has already reached any structural conclusions.  I invite you to join me in   prayer and conversation over the next few years as we plan together.”

  In October, there is a meeting for all the priests with the Archbishop to learn more about this 2 year     process of strategic planning.  I will keep you posted about this critically important effort to prepare for the future in our Archdiocese of St. Louis, and in our parish.


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