22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

How to be a Christ-like “invitee” and “inviter!”
Have you ever had to juggle seating arrangements for a big dinner? Maybe a wedding banquet or a business meal? It can be hazardous to your peace of mind. Where I want to sit and who I want to sit with are demands that are often made by participants and can lead to arguments and hard feelings. Today Jesus lays down the rule for “gospel seating,” whether at a social banquet, the Eucharistic banquet, or even the heavenly banquet.

Jesus’ parable challenges persons who are prideful and go ahead and choose a place of honor for themselves. That’s not the way for a follower of Jesus. Rather, humbly take a lower place further away from the host and the head table and be grateful for having been invited to the meal. So we should not confuse an attitude of false humility and passive resignation as being virtuous. The Christian idea is to willingly accept our role in the Christian community and not to make ourselves to be more than we are.  Secondly, we have to humbly and lovingly reach out to others around us who do not feel invited into our group or in our church. That is, like Jesus we make outsiders feel good around us so that they know they are valued and treated with gracious respect in our midst.

God’s Blessings on Phil Warren!
In another place in this bulletin, we find out that Phil Warren will no longer be “Deacon Phil” for our parish of St. Bernadette. He is resigning from being a deacon so that he can change from being a widower, to pursuing a possible relationship for marriage. The New Testament has indicated that married deacons should not get remarried if they lose their spouse. The Church continues to follow this rule. So Phil will not be assisting in our parish as a functioning deacon, but will continue to be a member of the St. Bernadette Parish Family and continue as our parish maintenance person. God bless you, Phil, and thanks for the three years of deacon service to our parish!

Our Jubilee Parish Mission – Plan Ahead! – Sunday, September 18-Tuesday, September 20, – 6:30pm
Every once in a while, we all need a pep-talk, a refresher course, a spiritual booster shot for our Catholic faith life. In just three weeks, you can get your faith boosted by coming to our Parish Mission with a very notable mission preacher, Father Tom Donaldson, CSSR.  Somewhat by chance, or maybe it was God’s plan, Father Tom gave the Parish Mission for our parish during the Golden Jubilee Year of 1997 and was well-received and still remembered by some.

Think of Father Tom’s theme for the Mission:  RETURN – RENEW – REJOICE! So come and get boosted for your spiritual health!

All Things New – Our Archdiocesan Strategic Planning Process
Just reviewing some key salient points: 

  • The reasons for restructuring the Archdiocesan parish sites include an aging and declining Catholic population; our priests are aging and not enough new priests coming from our families; Mass attendance is down; and our resources are finite.
  • After all the survey data and a review of parish statistics, sacramental and financial, preliminary parish models are being developed and will be presented in October and then open to feedback and adjustment.

We continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide all of us, leaders and members, to be filled with wisdom and patience! 

Jubilee Banquet – Saturday, September 24
Formal invitations have been sent out. If you are a parish member and did not get one, please call the Parish Office. If you are friend of the parish and want to be invited, also call the Parish Office.