18th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Vanity of vanities?
Every three years we hear this enigmatic phrase from the Old Testament scripture reading.  And what in the world does it mean? The Greek word used here really means a “vapor” or “fog.” But the deeper meaning is something that is “transitory” – here one moment and evaporates the next. The wisdom writer uses the superlative form to say that material and worldly things are “the most transitory.” Now we have them, and one day in the future we don’t. Our life comes to an end. This author actually sounds depressed and seems to see earthly life as hopeless. Part of the problem is that before Jesus and his teaching about resurrection and eternal life, the chosen people did not understand much about life after death. 

As Christians, are we still living our life as if our time in this world is all there is? Jesus’ parable about the rich man with a very abundant harvest who builds bigger barns lets us know the oft-spoken truism that “you can’t take it with you!” We can rightly say that material things needed for a nice life in this world are blessings from God, but trying to gather and accumulate too much stuff is counter-productive for a strong spiritual life with the Lord and all his brothers and sisters. Do we have any “vanity of vanities” in our life?

All Things New Report To Parish
Our St. Bernadette All Things New (ATN) Leadership Team has reviewed the results for the Archdiocesan ATN Disciple Maker Survey that many of you responded to during Lent this spring. All parish members will get in the mail soon an executive summary of our parish’s responses from our ATN team. This report will include the timeline for this process of restructuring of the parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Our St. Bernadette Parish Council, Finance Council, and St. Vincent de Paul Council will meet to discuss these survey results in August. Then there will be an opportunity in the fall for our parish members to have a listening session and a presentation for our parish. We will keep you posted on the important steps in this historical process of helping the Catholic Church to improve and redesign its effort to bring the Catholic Faith to more people, including the younger generation, the unchurched and those Catholics who are either alienated or just plain inactive.

All Things New Prayer: Steadfast in Faith & Forward in Hope
Heavenly Father, you sent your Son Jesus as the first Evangelizer of the Good News. Send forth the power of the Holy Spirit upon the Church of St. Louis and grant us the gift of true discernment so we may do your will in all things. Help us to be totally free to follow wherever you lead us… Inspired by the apostolic zeal of previous generations, as we begin the process of planning for the future, may our only desire be to do all thins for the greater glory and honor of your name and for the good of your people in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Through Christ our Lord. AMEN!”

Next Parish Jubilee Event – “Summer Barbecue” – This Saturday!
5–7 p.m., Saturday, August 6
Here at St. Bernadette’s – in the gym or outside (weather permitting)
Burgers, Brats, Hot Dogs, with sides & a cold beverage
Prepared by Chris’ Cakes
Cost: $10 or $5 for children
Reservations helpful - call in by Tues. August 2

Come and celebrate our 75 years of parish life by coming together as a Parish Family!