16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

What is Genuine Christian Hospitality              
When Jesus arrives at Martha and Mary’s home, no doubt he was not alone but had his entourage of 12 disciples with him. No wonder Martha was worried about getting her sister’s help in providing hospitality with a fine meal on the table. But Jesus seems to gently scold Martha for worrying about the dinner and teaches us that hospitality also includes giving attention to and listening to the guest(s).  Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus as a disciple wanting to learn more – an unusual position for a woman at that time. Martha was being hospitable in offering dinner, but Mary was hospitable too in offering the gift of being present to the guest, sitting attentively and listening carefully. 

We can all do better at being hospitable to others by giving them our undivided attention and really listening!

Today We Welcome Franciscan Volunteers To Our Masses For This Year’s “Missionary Co-op” Weekend
The Archdiocese has blessed us with the opportunity to listen and learn about the Franciscan Mission Service, and then a chance to help them with our generosity. These young people volunteer for a year or two to serve as missionaries to marginalized and impoverished communities in our country and around the world. These motivated Catholic lay persons, women and men, truly live out the gospel message to bring Christ and his Church to all nations. 

Please try to respond generously to the second collection today, or bring the envelope back and place it in the collection next weekend. God will reward your generosity!

Sunday Offertory Report For End of Fiscal Year 2021-2022, and Budget For FY 2022-2023
Having just concluded the recent fiscal year of July 1, 2021- June 30, 2022, we as a parish need to review the Sunday collection totals for the last 12 months. The total income for this time was $243,919 for a weekly average of $4,690, or about $300 below the budget goal of $5,000 per week last year. This was not too bad considering the still low Sunday attendance - perhaps still COVID fears or other factors. We need to be thankful to the many generous contributors who come to Mass, and to those who mail in their envelopes, even if they are unable to come to church. Some are using electronic offertory giving effectively. 

The parish Finance Council, in working up the new budget, has agreed to lower the goal of the Sunday offertory weekly total to $4,800, for an annual total of $249,600. This is more of an attainable goal, but it does not help us have a balanced budget. To have a balanced budget, we would need to average about $5,400 per week. Or we can cut the expense budget which is already quite frugal and would impact the quality and quantity of service offered to members by the parish. So unless something changes, we will be using some of our parish savings to cover all the planned expenses.

 “A Good Time Was Had By All” At Our Jubilee Basket Picnic Last Sunday Afternoon!
The weather was perfect- a delightful breeze and cool shade. The 60 or so parish members that came really enjoyed themselves with a wonderful outdoor picnic lunch, and even better was the company of fellow parish members. New friends were made and old acquaintance renewed. We owe a big “Thank You!” to Cindy Cavanaugh and Sister Kathy Kull, SSND, both from our parish Jubilee Committee for planning and carrying out the events for the day.

Next Jubilee event: Saturday, August 6 from 5-7 p.m., a “Summer Barbecue.” [See bulletin insert.]

Thanks Very Much For the Birthday Cards and Prayers You Sent Me!
Three quarters of a century does not seem so long in the life of a parish, like ours here at St. Bernadette’s. But for a person, that seems like a long, long time. It seems like just yesterday that I remember being born in St. Anthony’s Hospital on Grand Ave. Or maybe I am imaging that.  But anyway, I am always grateful for your well-wishes and prayers!