16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


               Last Sunday I was deeply touched by the great number of cards to remind me of my birthday!  (Sometimes don’t we all try forget how often birthdays come around!)  I am sincerely grateful for the humorous messages about getting older, for the heartfelt personal greetings, for the prayer and spiritual cards and Mass remembrances, for the kind gifts, and for Sister Kathy working surreptitiously to inform you about my birthday.  I did not get to go out for the day, but some of my family came here to St. Bernadette and we grilled and enjoyed a fine meal on the Parish Office deck.


               Wow! It is over two months since my infected metal knee joint from two years ago was removed and I started a strong antibiotic regimen to prepare for a new knee.  In a week or so, they will test to see if the bacterial infection is really gone.  The game plan is to implant a new knee joint in the middle of August.  I am always grateful for your continued prayers and concerns. 

                It sounds like the St. Bernadette Parish Family is coming back together again now that we are all vaccinated and feeling confident about gathering together to celebrate the Lord’s Day with Sunday Eucharist.  I wish I could be there with you to see you again after a long absence because of the pandemic.  From what I hear, our Parish Family is doing very well celebrating with our visiting priests who so graciously give of themselves to come to St. Bernadette’s and fill in for me.  Thank you Father Rich, Father Gan, and Father Vic!              

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Taking care of a flock of sheep is a /me consuming job which can cause a shepherd to
perhaps ques/on his or her ability to keep the herd together and safe.
Jeremiah declares King Zedekiah was ineffective and clueless as to how to  guide the Jewish nation and not let them fall to the Babylonian Empire. Even though the Jewish peoples were scattered into exile, Jeremiah told them a new, righteous leader will shepherd them back to God. Mark then gives us the now fully initiated Apostles and their report to Jesus of their first mission actvites. They struck a lot of “nerves” in all they touched. The Apostles’ and Jesus’ newfound popularity caused many hopeful residents to seek them out, pursue them diligently ……without allowing the Apostles and Jesus to catch up on some badly needed rest because they were needed. As sheep need protection, guidance and growth, the Lord saw the surrounding crowds as needing His saving grace to survive and thrive then and now. Do we realize what receiving God’s grace does for us and charges us to do as His people?

Written  by Sister Kathy & Jim Flick