13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time


                As I write this, I should have completed my six weeks of antibiotic infusion therapy.  There better not be any traces of infection or bacteria in my knee after all of this.  Now I wait six weeks to find out if it worked.  Then they take a knee fluid test and if it is clear, we proceed with the surgery to install a new metal knee joint.  As many of you have indicated that you are praying for me, I pray for you, the wonderful St. Bernadette Parish family, every day in my prayers.



                When you come for the Eucharist next weekend, be sure to give thanks to the Lord for the success and accomplishments of our nation during its 245 year history.  But also we need to continue to pray for our nation as a whole and for individual citizens to continue to uphold the values and principles that have made us the leading democracy of the world.  There are indeed many, many challenges recently that we American citizens need to address and find some consensus on, for example:  pro-life issues, issues facing citizens of color, voting procedures, crime and gun control, inequity of wealth, divisive politics in our leadership and in our population, environmental protections, religious freedom, health care for all citizens, climate change, protection of marriage and family life, and countering the secularization of our society.  This will keep us busy for a long while!  Let’s pray that the Lord will guide us and give us courage to deal with these in the present moment and the future!

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Both of today’s readings from Wisdom and Mark bring up the moments of death as it can happen

to us by various ways. Wisdom’s words reveal God’s usage of death as the passageway to eternal life. Not to be feared as the end of all life but as the ultimate goal……forever union with our God. If we actively approach Jesus as the source of all good with our fervent prayers and needed desires, good things will happen to each one of us. The proof of the hemorrhaging woman cured by just touching Jesus’ garment, then Jarius’ daughter who responded to the firm touch of Jesus’ hand to rise up and live…..what further proof do we need as Christians? Do we believe that God has a place for all if we simply acknowledge that belief? More importantly, do we actively live our faith with actions?

Written by Sister Kathy & Jim Flick