12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

12th  Sunday of Ordinary Time

Financial Reminders from Pastor:

+ We are approaching the end of the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year in 10 days.

+ For purposes of smoother parish bookkeeping, I encourage each parishioner to check to see if they are up to date in their Sunday/monthly offerings.  If you are current in your parish contributions, congratulations and God’s blessings to you as a good steward!  If you are behind in the use of your Sunday envelopes, maybe you could try to catch up in the next week or two before the Fiscal Year ends.  This would help us be closer to a balanced budget for this recent Fiscal Year, which has been so difficult because of the pandemic. 

+ Just a reminder to please be sure to always use your Sunday Envelope and not just drop in a loose check into the collection basket.  This will make it easier and more accurate for us to count the Sunday Collection and to credit your own parish contribution record properly.

+ Another new alternative would be to use electronic giving to the parish each week or each month.

+ With the new 2021-2022 Fiscal Year starting in two weeks, maybe you could make some “new year’s” fiscal resolutions for the coming year with regard to your giving back to the Lord a generous and faithful gift. 



                I am now within a week or so of completing my six week regimen of antibiotic infusions.  Hopefully the two antibiotics I am receiving are being successful in their “search and destroy mission” to eliminate the bacteria that have been plaguing my bad knee.  Again as always, I do really appreciate your ongoing prayers for the health of my poor left knee.  God bless you for concern for me!


Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The storms of life were encountered by many noted individuals throughout the Bible, especially in today’s readings.  First Job, then the Apostles in the boat with Jesus, had severe  storms  rise up and threaten to destroy their lives and livelihoods. The persistence of Job in sending a constant stream of prayer to God caused God to react to Job’s pleas and calm the turbulence. The Apostles in the boat made a unified call to Jesus to help them in their moment of trouble and bring calm to that moment. Are we asking the Lord for help when we come across a difficult situation (on which seems impossible to overcome?) Do we learn from the troubles we run into and remember to ask God to strengthen us in our faith in Him?

Written by Sister Kathy & Jim Flick



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